Blog Baptism: It’s A Ham!

After an extremely hard year filled with challenges galore, I woke up to the possibility of living well anyway. I imagined my fairy godmother — an ill-advised cross between Grace Jones and Auntie Mame — freezing me in time: same weight, same issues, same bank account. How would I handle that reality if it was seriously forever?

My initial reaction — coconut-sized hives and a frantic search for my passport — made me rethink what it means to be present. All I really needed was a change in perspective, not a whole new stupid life. Could I still find a way to be happy despite being totally dissatisfied? Life is more than a disappointing dress size and a lower tax bracket. It’s also Charlie Sheen and Pajama Jeans and meth and the Yellow Brick Road! It’s a child’s laugh and pictures of cats and Kim Kardashian’s ass.

I remember an old friend saying, “Just bloom where you’re planted.” It was the cheesiest thing I’d ever heard someone say with a straight face. It also kind of made sense. For so long I’d been trying to start from somewhere I was not: ahead of the curve, better than, past my talents, beyond Thunderdome. Now I’d rather start from where I am, planted in reality. And if reality includes a little weirdsauce and glitter, well, that’s my favorite food and the best accessory.

Happiness, for me, is being creative in All The Ways, and I desperately love making fun of things. D) All of the above will be included here. This is a place for me to record my nutty ideas, projects, and writings. It’s mostly to amuse myself, but I hope you like it, too.


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