Imaginary Menu: Legendary Creatures

This menu consists of 15 Lilliputian courses featuring legendary creatures. Main courses are bold with accompanying ingredients listed alongside. Wine pairings and comments are {in parentheses}, courtesy of local wine wizard, Jameson Fink.

Tentacle-lickin' good!



Tempura Sylph Wings | dill yogurt, scallion, nasturtium |
{Sylph wings go well with an ethereal Muscadet.}

Leprechaun Legs | clover sauce, espresso reduction, luck |
{A shot of honey-infused Jameson.}

Yeti Satay | lemongrass, ginger bacon emulsion, ferocity |
{The rich, gamey meat of Yeti balanced by the bright pungency of
lemongrass and ginger: A charming rosé from Provence, naturally.

Loch Ness Egg | pea shoots, black mustard, sesame |
{A monstrous egg deserves a monstrously-named wine: Leitz Dragonstone Riesling. The touch of sweetness will balance the black mustard.}


Cold Kraken Consommé | shrimp, miso, celery, the sea |
{Spanish Albariño. The vineyards of Rias Baixas, where Albariño thrives, are so close to the sea they have probably tasted the Kraken’s breath. Incidentally, a lovely wine with a Kraken crudo.}

Unicorn Veal | phoenix egg, confit potato, pink pepper, powers |
{If I’m eating unicorn, I’m drinking Champagne out of its horn. Preferably Vilmart.}

Basilisk Tongue | black caraway, white truffle, chicory |
{This is a classic Barolo pairing. Giacomo Conterno 2001.}

Braised Centaur Tail | eggplant, polenta, cayenne |
{Tempier Bandol Rouge and Rosé.}

Seared Harpy Breast | apple, parmesan, walnut, rage |
{A white Burgundy with some age on it; a nice Lafon Meursault 2002.}

Slow Cooked Cerberus | marrow, beet reduction, leeks, garlic |
{‘Hell-hound with Chateauneuf du Pape‘ is the new salmon and Pinot Noir.}

Roasted Soul of Chimera | dreams, nightmares, lavender |
{You need a versatile wine to handle a lion/snake/goat beast. Maybe a nice Spanish Cava; bubbles are so lovely with lavender.}


Sweetened Pegasus Wingtip | vanilla bean, macadamia, triple sec |
with nutmeg demitasse

Hippogriff Tears Sabayon | dragonfruit reduction, green apple |
with chilled coriander-infused grappa

Dragon Heart Tart Tatin | cherry, honey, rosemary, courage |
with Bourbon-vanilla bean milkshake

Mermaid Sorbet | basil, balsamic, elderflower, biscotti |
with sparkling pineapple cider


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