The Last of the Malware Mohicans

Welcome to wherever the fuck you are!

After malware infected my website and the sites of those I was hosted with, I avoided my blog for a few weeks. All of my attempts otherwise ended in a wave of Error messages and Google re-routing.  I couldn’t get the Comments to work, my inbox flooded with spam, and I killed my sidebar in a pointless attempt at eradicating whatever was going on. Finally, I just yelled FUCK — about 32,000 times — and decided to get on with it. Sometimes admitting you’re over your head is the best place to start over.

That’s where you are: the best place!…to start over, at least. I literally opened a WordPress-hosted blog, picked the first minimal theme I saw, and started editing/importing posts from The Hamazon 1.o. I guess this is The Hamazon, Two-Point-Oh-Fuck-Yeah. I’m okay with it. The inability to change has seriously prevented me from doing great things in the past, but there’s no room for that in the future.  Content is the most important thing, not how flowery everything looks. Someday I’ll figure out how to re-design and what I really want, but for now, this will do.


One thought on “The Last of the Malware Mohicans

  1. The Esq. says:

    It’s alive!!!


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