Let It Snow, If It Must

Polynesians aren’t really acclimated for snow. Sure, I grew up in Gig Harbor, but snow just seems like the wrong kind of fun to me. There’s no vitamin side effect or drinks with umbrellas.  I feel anti-snow in my over-sized bones.

Not that it isn’t fluffy and magical and Kid Vacation and whee! It’s just inconvenient to our city of snow-paralyzed citizens. People wonder why Seattleites are bad in this weather.  The answer is twofold: no practice and hills.

However, I’m aiming for the bright side of things this year – thanks to a daily overdose of Vitamin D – so I was grateful for a few snow days this week. I finished a bunch of blog posts, started Borgen, and slept in twice. I Tweeted and Facebooked and YouTubed and Pinned. Pho was eaten; crowns were made.

I made this Valentines Day crown for a friend while huffing Fritos on the couch during a Downton Abbey marathon (I switched to kale the next day, I promise – though only because I ran out of Fritos). I’ve already seen both seasons, and a killer Christmas special, but I had to start it over. It’s filled with a stuffy salaciousness that only the British can do.

I love working with paper, so it was a treat having the time to play around with this crown. I’m not a snow person, but I appreciate the time cocoon it creates. That being said, I’m ready for giant ice cream cones in July. There is no Polynesian snow, just coconut drinks and smoky food wrapped in banana leaves.

(I’m struggling to stay present! Obviously.)


2 thoughts on “Let It Snow, If It Must

  1. Damn, I want to eat Fritos and make paper crowns. And I think I am the only person among my friends who knows nothing about Dowtown Abbey. Well, through Facebook I know it’s not Downtown Abbey.


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