My Fake Band: GORILDO

Handbells and harmonies

GORILDO is the musical brainchild of electronic opera singer, Mannheim Meatholder, and pioneering Krautrock handbellist, Jann Hansen.

Track listing for GORILDO (self-titled EP):

Guerrildo Warfare

Gorildos in the Mist

Banana Hammock

Gorild-Uh-Oh! (feat. Ke$ha)

The Jungle is a Scary Mothrf*kkrr

G is for GORILDO

The band is named for their favorite Boom Blox character, Gorildo, a professional cartoon gorilla who wears a suit and matching fedora.  This hypnotic lounge act has electrified hotel bars and frat houses around the world since their album first dropped (Sept 2011).

Excerpt, SXSW interview, Rolling Stone mag:

MM: The fire department said it was faulty wiring or something? And then something about the pool. No one wants to do a show that ends in electrocution, especially of your biggest fans. But we’re not electricians, we’re entertainers. And right up until 911 got called, we were doing just that: entertaining. Which I’m sure will be reflected in the outcome of our related wrongful death suit.

Excerpt, Pitchfork interview:

PF: What was it like working with Ke$ha?

JH: It was like being gored by a unicorn with AIDS.

PF: And what is that like?

JH: It is just like working with Ke$ha.

MM: Whatever, he slept with her.

JH: Now I have unicorn AIDS.

A partial list of Gorildo’s tour rider was leaked to Gawker:

50 hard-boiled eggs in a refrigerated briefcase that’s attached to its own security guard

Two pigmy marmosets (with skills)

A room made to look exactly like The Central Perk from Friends

Fried chicken from at least 12 local restaurants

A paint bucket filled with the finest whiskey or bourbon in the land

A large, framed picture of Pluto (no anti-Pluto paraphernalia, anywhere!!!!!)

1 sound-proof, transparent coffin for Ms. Meatholder to vocalize in

1 children’s choir to sing inappropriate lullabies while Mr. Hansen naps

2 mimes that will be forced to speak under extreme emotional duress

1 sunbear

Unlimited powers

The world’s first electronic opera handbell rock stars are taking the world by storm, one overly-protected hard-boiled egg at a time. Watch for their upcoming summer tour and a full-length album in 2013.


3 thoughts on “My Fake Band: GORILDO

  1. d0gJaW says:

    Makes me want to turn in my Chimpbrator.


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