Samazon: Surf + Turf

Learning is serious, guys, stop goofing around.

If this photo looks like it was taken back in 1974, then the assumption that we hosted a cooking class 37 years ago is absolutely correct. We just reversed the flow of time back to what was arguably the best decade that ever was or ever will be: The Me Decade, Vietnam, disco, Star Wars, environmentalism, Barry Manilow, and non-ironic leotards. Also, I was born! God bless The Seventies.

Just kidding! We took a time travel machine.

Really, it’s just my crappy camera phone + the wrong filter + Photoshop. My photographer got sick the day of, c’est la vie, but back to the men making om-noms for their ladies. Chef Sam, our fearless leader, chose a simple classic meal de romance to teach the guys: Champagne fondue, rib eye steak and sauteed shrimp, green bean-mushroom side, and an easy chocolate mousse. Everything was delicious.

See also: T-REX FOOD

Well, it was delicious to the people who ate beef  (not all) or dairy-related things (again, not all), so next time I’ll take better inventory of what everyone can manage and then plan accordingly. But we had a diverse mix of people, and it turned out pretty good! I guess guys don’t mind learning when there’s good beer throughout (c/o our fave, Super Deli Mart) and a free meal at the end. Thanks to Darin and MegaBeth for offering up their community kitchen for the class — it was great!

Sam: GREATER THAN. Justin: hee!

Speaking of great, why is my brother’s head 4x the size as Justin’s? When I showed Justin the photo, he just said, “Maybe I had a smaller head that day,” which would’ve made sense had he been enrolled at some high-falutin’ school for magic. To me, the above photo looks like the adult version of Highlights magazine, the one where Goofus does mushrooms and lumbers about, while Gallant’s head gradually shrinks over the evening (much to his confused delight). This picture defies perspective and reason.

Special thanks to our Brobdingnagian chef, Sam, for the hard work and food guidance, and also to my Lilliputian boyfriend for the support and sponsorship. Can’t wait to do this again for the menfolk!


2 thoughts on “Samazon: Surf + Turf

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