Love The Lemons You’re With

A belated “Later, bitch!” to 2012, the year we got engaged and I broke my least-favorite arm. Now it’s 2013, and I’m still engaged to a smoking hot lawyer, and that smoking hot lawyer is engaged to a vitamin-deficient, one-armed me.

The last six months have been a thrilling life ride of Super Yay and Shitty Nay.

Yay: I’m delighted to deprive womankind of the finest man in all the land! We make it official on New Year’s Eve. I can’t wait to say “mah hoosbund” just like Daphne Moon on Frasier.

Nay: I’ve been sporting this broken humerus for over three months, and I’m poke-out-my-eyes-for-fun bored. Awaiting a surgery date, and then more recovery. I can’t work or do much, which is balls. I may eventually die from watching too much television.

With so many recent challenges, I’ve learned a lot about life, like

-100 hours of Gossip Girl can be watched in less than two weeks, if you keep the blinds closed and have the pizza guy on speed dial.

-Sandwiches made with two hands taste better than the underachieving one-handed imposter kind.

-People give out unsolicited perspective just like advice. At least you don’t have cancer. At least you weren’t gang raped on a bus in India. At least you don’t have a horse head growing out of your torso.

-Chocolate milk is just like milk, if milk was sugary and delicious and interesting in any way.

-Sleeping in one position all night, every night, for about 90 days, will give you Pavlovian sleep rage.

-My veins are to nurses what triple-summiting Everest is to mountain climbers.

-Vitamin D is the best friend I’ve ignored my entire life, much to the dismay of my weak bones and mounting depression.

-Percoset, Vicodin, Oxy (and their derivatives) make me super sick now, but 22-year old Me remembers when those were just for fun and mixing with booze.

-I will never write the book ‘Bossypants’ because Tina Fey already wrote it. That one really burns.

-There is no human way to make a broken arm seem sexy. You could wrap a gorgeous, naked, half-Asian gymnast around my whole arm, but she would still look like Jabba the Hut.

-Patience is a virtue, one I do not possess in the slightest.

-Gossip Girl is a terrible show and I’ll never get that time back.

When Life hands you Love, be grateful and work to keep it alive every day. I’m so happy to have met a compatible someone to be mutually weird with forever, but I know it takes more than Kegels and pain pills to make a relationship work.

When Life hands you lemons, zest them and store that zest in the freezer for a future baking project. Later, you can make a lemon pound cake and give Life the double finger.

“You can’t solve all your problems by shooting someone or setting a stranger on fire.” -Liz Lemon

Realistic tagline for 2013: It’s What’s Next.


9 thoughts on “Love The Lemons You’re With

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  2. Google says:

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  8. Laura Q. says:

    One, this is a rad theme you’ve chosen for your wordpress. Beautiful and sassy. Also, I like lemon poundcake, but now I’m reminded that I failed to buy real lemons at the store. BOO! <3, my one armed friend! I still have to give you your Brooklyn souvie.


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