Baked: Rainbows + Birthday Cake

I like my cake how I like my pride parades: colorful, super gay, and topped with edible glitter.



When a unicorn poops out goodness into the world, this is what it looks like.

Enter: This cake. Made for a 12-year old’s birthday. She didn’t like chocolate (AUDIBLE GASP) but really wanted lemon, which is an acceptable third choice after chocolate and more chocolate. Not sure if you’ve heard, but I’m sort of a chocolate superfan.


Colorful Remains of the Day

First: The cake innards, pictured above. Four layers of a chaotic rainbow cake (Martha’s yellow cake recipe plus a lot of food coloring nonsense), lemon curd filling, lemon buttercream frosting, and lemon zest made this cake a win for citric acid. Two of my cakes were perfection, and two came out lopsided, so the photo above is the psychedelic discards from my attempt at post-leveling. When cut, the end result looked like a tie-dye cake, which kids (and adults who did drugs in The Sixties) can totally appreciate.

Second: I love the idea of an undercover surprise cake. Not “Surprise! I made you a cake!” but “Here is a plain-looking cake with a riotous rainbow of YAY on the inside, SURPRISE!” The problem is, I can’t just leave a plain cake alone. It goes against my colorful (and oftentimes over-the-top) nature. This particular one, I started out small with a conservative dusting of yellow sprinkles. Lemon cake, yellow sprinkles; that made sense to me.

“Hmm,” thought I. “You can barely even see them.” I tentatively sprinkled on more and stepped back to survey the results. It was pretty… if a little bit yawn.

I harrumphed around the kitchen, circling that cake like a shark. I circled and circled and circled, until finally, the cake was covered in nine different colors of sprinkles, edible glitter, pearls, stars, confetti, lemon zest, Christmas tinsel, Chinese lanterns, Fourth of July fireworks, and a wormhole to another universe.


From The League of Extraordinary Sprinkles

Life is just better with sprinkles, and garnish, and decoration, and visual happiness. Disagree? Let me make you a cake.



One thought on “Baked: Rainbows + Birthday Cake

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