DoYoReHoBloMo: As You Do


It’s that time of year again: NaNoWriMo, or, as some basic bitches call it, National Novel Writing Month. I know a ton of people who do this every year to varying degrees of success. Some actually write a 50,000 word novel, many use it as a writing exercise to get something started (or finish a something that started the year before). Like others strewn across the NaNoWriMo battlefield, I’ve only made it to the second week before remembering I had other things to do, like

-Make a sandwich

-Eat a sandwich

-Watch 400 hours of The West Wing

-Edit a paper I wrote in high school

-Organize my self-help books about organization

-Start a fight with my husband about his priorities

-Try a new lip color

-Complain about how hard it is to find time to write

-Gain some weight

-Take up knitting (again)

-Vacuum the house

-Fix my whole life

THIS YEAR, I am not signing up to fail that writing marathon, but I did tell the nerd at Nerd’s Eye View that it was my Do You Remember How To Blog Month (because I’d like to be posting more). She aptly named it DoYoReHoBloMo, so with great determination and possibly some Adderall, I will attempt to blog on the reg – and by that, I mean let’s see how I do this week. I haven’t seen The West Wing in a while, so.

Hold on while I make a sandwich.

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4 thoughts on “DoYoReHoBloMo: As You Do

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  3. deborahsaksimet says:

    Dear Ham…I will be happily reading your blog posts with my morning coffee from this day forward. Lovely to meet you tonight. And, I suspect you might appreciate Barb Abelhauser’a blog “The View From a Drawbridge.” Deborah.:)


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