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Remember, Remember the 5th of November

I participated in a handmade Valentines Day card swap c/o The Stationery Place, an adorable local blog featuring many things paper and also stationery. I sent mine a little late, as usual — I couldn’t think of anything cool to do — but finally I landed on a theme that screamed me, me, me! And P.S. Valentines Day is a bogus holiday for chumps and old ladies and the occasional gay man. Thank God I’m sort-of all three.

Now imagine living in somewhere like Northern-Northern Canada, or a tiny town in The Big Ol’ Great Midwest, and receiving this weird-ass Valentine in the mail. 

Hopefully you 1) saw the movie (V for Vendetta), and 2) have a sense of humor. Now imagine being me and finding adorable, crafty, heartfelt, handmade cards from all over the States (and Canada, too) with sweet messages from women who found the time to give a shit.

“Do you look like a gigantic weeping asshole right now?” I asked myself, concerned that my cards were maybe too me and I was taking the gigantic weeping asshole path and not the quirky/funny one I’d originally been aiming for. Maybe no one would understand them, or worse, they would misunderstand them. Like, hi! I wanted to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY but instead, I chose a stalker quote that sounds like a creepy Glenn Close monologue and a mask that is commonly known as a symbol for domestic terrorism. Love you!

No matter, they still kicked ass — I just wonder if I should have played to my audience better. More hearts and frills, less British anarchy. Maybe next year.


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