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The Glad Game Is Hard AF


You know when you’re like I’M GONNA DO THIS DIFFICULT THINGΒ and people are all YEAH YEAH GOOD LUCK WITH THAT which makes you fortify your resolve TO DO THE DIFFICULT THING ANYWAY because LIFE IS PRECIOUS, YOU ASSHOLES ET CETERA and then you attempt it and realize you’d rather pour hot worm juice all over your naked body in the middle of Times Square than attempt something that challenging again?

Welcome to The Glad Game.

Pollyanna was an enthusiastic brat to the point where you wanted to break her legs, but at the end of the movie, she loses the ability to use those legs, so it kind of evens out. Trying to embody the same leg-breaking enthusiasm has proven more difficult than I thought, but! here are some good things that have come from this infernal election:

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